Valentines' Special
One Year Anniversary 2005


Like I said in my journal, I got this new car, its a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder (so it means that its got some muscle!) and its a convertible too.  I got it thanks to the money I made from my website, as well as a 'one year' bonus from the FTV guys.  I so love this car!!!  Yessah!  So anyways, in this shoot I'm wearing a black skirt & heels, with a cute white top that shows off my nipples, and the cleavage too.  A lot of it is me in the car, upskirt and butt shots, then many pics of while I was masturbating & posing fully nude in the car. 

On this Valentines' day, its a sunny day out, but not too hot, just the right temperature in the sun for getting naked.  Of course, I've never masturbated in my car before, but its time to break it in!  First I do a breast massage, I bring down the top, then move to the passenger seat where I start fingering and rubbing myself.  I'm trying to look all sexy while doing it, but my legs have to be in a funky position to make it look right.  Guess what?  Yeah, I have one orgasm at the end, and I'm my happy self again hehe.
Copyright 2005 RHS Photography, L.L.C.