Chapter 5
Volume I

This is the first photoshoot with my hair straight, and I wanted it for the sunset.   I like tops that fall loosely around the waist, so my belly button stick out in the right angles.  I wore the shortest skirt I had (basically I just cut it so it was almost nothing but a little piece of cloth) and we got some nice upskirts.  So do you like me with straight or curly hair more?

The video starts with me changing in the car, or more like in front of the car for everybody who drives by to see.  We are on top of the hill, and its chilly.  Little black miniskirt with no panties today.  The rest of the video covers the photoshoot up here, and all the time while I'm posing naked up on the car there is a couple nearby looking at the sunset.  Ooh it was chilly by the time the sun was down!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.