Chapter 7
Volume I

I'm wearing my black bra and my favorite new underwear, and its mostly candid shots of me while scrolling through my pics.  I strip down topless, then the bottoms come off and I sniff my panties.  It ends with a picture of me fingering myself and acting crazy.

I walked into the FTV office and started to look at my pics, while talking to the photographer about them.  Of course, I had to go topless while scrolling through the pics.  You get to see which ones I liked out of my curly hair photoshoots.  The video camera wasnt pointing to the monitor but my nipples most of the time.  I didnt really care about posing this time I wanted to look through my pics.  In the second part I'm playing a shooter game called Max Payne on the computer, I've never played it before so I kept dying in it.  I played it naked!
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