Chapter 110
Volume I

You might be like... what the hell?  Who's this brunette on the cover, and where am I?  Or did I change into a brunette?  Well this is one of my friends, she's been wanting to pose for FTV for a long time, and I ended up shooting her entirely myself.  Its a cool twist on things, since I'm always in front of the camera.  Being behind it is kind of fun.  I'm like the director, photographer and videographer in one package.  I did learn from the best, the guy who does my shoots and those for FTV.  So you do see me in the background, or hear me talk through this whole shoot. 

I try this shoot like some of the FTV type of shoots, where she is sitting on a park bench, I videotape up her skirt, then meet up with her and chat.  Then she masturbates, and then I shoot her washing my car in a cute schoolgirl outfit.  Even if you're a blonde fan, check my girl out!
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