Chapter 113
Volume I

The moment the photographer heard that I'm doing Tai-Bo exercises and I have a new personal trainer, he's got me on the mountain again, making me run around and jog.  Oh, I'm athletic allright, but not necessarily on rough, rocky hills.  Its getting really cold, so I'm wearing a sexy white exersize outfit that doubles as sexy casual everyday wear.  I tend not to wear bra & panties with something like this, so on a cold day like today my nipples will peek right through it.  I kind of like the attention it brings, I admit it. 

Running around on the rocks & hills, watch me be the athlete girl soaking up the crisp air and nearly falling flat on my face!  My nipples are at full attention, and no sooner is my top unzipped and my breasts out.  Dogwalkers on the trails get good views of my toplessness and I get to moon them too.
Copyright 2005 RHS Photography, L.L.C.