Chapter 117
Volume I

My friend is still 'practicing' trying to emulate the way my photographer shoots me outdoors, so the pictures could be better.  But they're cute, natural and more relaxed of me than I'd have it with my photographer.  These are images right next to my appartment, its around noon on a weekday so not too many people around, to catch me flashing my breasts.  I wouldn't like it if my neighbors or the rental office manager saw me doing nudes in their appartment complex! 

I get ready for a trip on the town, put on some clothes, sexy heels (of course) and to my Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible.  I rarely have the top up, with the weather we have in Phoenix, there's no reason to keep the car covered.  So I drive the car around the block, change in the car (to the yellow top you see in the coverpage) and listen to my kind of music!
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