Chapter 12
Volume II

These pics are my kind of thing, water on my butt, boobs & private parts making my skin look all shiny and I think the body shots look pretty hot, no?  #115, look at my pointy nipple, and in #120 I like the way the view of my butt from that angle, and the way the light shines on my private parts and the way you clearly see how my finger slides in there.  If you think these kinds of photos are hot, email me and tell me to do more!!  The rest of the pics are stills of my panty stuffing scene.

This is dedicated to panty stuffing, now that I know what its all about after my first try at it.  These panties are a lot larger and a lot thicker than the last pair though!  In fact I couldn't get more than half of it in, but its the effort that counts, right?  You probably enjoy seeing it come out of me, verrry slowly.  Probably the highlight of this video is when I finally was able to lick my nipple!  First time!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.