Chapter 139
Volume I

Well this was appearing on Alison's site, and it has me in it for half the shoot, so why shouldn't it be on my site too?  Its all watermarked to Alison's site, but I asked if it can be an update for me.  We hadn't seen each other for about 4 months, so it was pleasant to see her in person again.  Of course, the moment I walk in, the camera is rolling, and I'm wearing just my regular stuff when I get coerced into this photoshoot.  I brought all sorts of clothes with me, but I ended up shooting with what I was wearing.  Turned not so bad after all, since my skirt and shirt had a cute-hip-teeny feel to it.

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With the photo shoot comes a video, we just got all rowdy together, wrestling each other down and going on top of each other riding like horse and master.  This is the kind of direction we go when we're together... not!  Alison does get rather dorky sometimes, so I follow along and the videographer gets it recorded.  Then we went to a restaurant where we ratted on the photographer and harassed him, then Alison gets anxious and starts exposing her breasts over there.
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