Chapter 141
Volume II

Always a bridesmaid never a bride” lol this dress totally reminds me of a wedding. White and flowy. Even a bit see threw sometimes. So the huge stairs in the new ftv house is the only place that sees fit for this set of images.  A bit of everything in these high fashion, glamour, sexy, and my favorite ADULT NUDES!!!!!  I even bust out with a new gift from on of my super sweet members. I am sure everyone will love it. 

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Okay with it being a new year and I am getting a lot more sexual as I grow up, members are sending all kinds of great gift and toys. But this one takes the cake for my personally. My very first glass toy. It is so pretty and feels so good when it’s inside. Plus it is the perfect size.  This toy combined with some finger action brings me to climax like never before.  A little sucking and licking were needed to start off but after that I didn’t even notice anyone else was around.  Sooooo a BIG FAT THANK YOU goes out to my member for my new favorite toy and for one good orgasm. Xoxo MUAH
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