Chapter 154
Volume I

I love to play dress up  and when I get my hands on a outfit this kinky I push it in front of all others.  I was at a semi main stream modeling shoot for up-coming Halloween costumes and this one I feel in love with.  I know my pulse was racing when I slipped into my “ naughty gothic evil nurse” dress.  But it is what lies under that mini zip up spandex uniform that really got me going.  In 2 words crotchless panties.  I love easy access they give you. Now I had never really worn anything like these ever but I can tell you I am going to start.

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Well we have a special little (not to mention horny) helper for this photo shoot.  I could tell by the look in his eye that he was loving his video job.  He kept making me crack up with all his silly comments about me.  But I make sure to give him all the good peeks and glimpse of my nurse shoot .  Working all the angles to get the most out of my lack of panties. I bend , spread, rub and all that other good stuff  just for you,. Lets just hope that the helper knows how to use a zoom button . Because I was totally wet for this sexy costume.
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