Chapter 158
Volume I

Such a pretty day outside with the weather cooling down. convertible weather is what i call it. decide after seeing my first soccer game recently to put on my own soccer outfit and go outside. Knee high socks, white sneakers, and my jersey.  Oh and my new favorite blue toy. And I am not talking about the soccer ball lol. After a few insertions to see how really big the toy is and how small i am, we jump into the SLR and are off top the near by park where I get into some breast flashes with some action shots.

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Starts off out back of the studio house sitting on one of our patio chairs. I am super wet and ready to try out the latest in my toy collection. I spread my legs and start the removal of my soccer shorts and my matching panties. Leaving the socks on of course. Then with some fingering rubbing and penetration I bring myself to a satisfied girl. Then have some goofing around at a local park on the way to lunch.
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