Chapter 15
Volume I

I wanted to show the results of my workouts so we travelled to Camelback mountain.  I dont do much hiking, but I jog and do stairmaster/treadmill a lot.  This hike was pretty simple for me.   My favorite pic in this one was #122, I look sexy in that one with my J-lo glasses.  

The videographer wanted me to stretch before hiking, soo exciting hehe.   So we headed up the stairway.  Too busy around the trail to do boob tease until we got to a corner and I popped my breast out for a sec.  Once we were about 1/4 the way up I took my shirt off, and almost got caught doing it.   I pulled my pants down a couple of times but boy was I nervous of getting caught!  Notice I don't get out of breath too easily.  Once at the very top, there was nobody there so I did have my boobs hang out.  I started rubbing myself right there because I was horny.  This is a superlong video update!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.