Chapter 163
Volume I

Are you ready for some football!!!!!!!!???????? Wait lets re-phase that. Are you ready for the Giants to win the Superbowl??? Alison and got together because we are both sooo excited for the up-coming game (to bad we are routing against eachother) lol. But we decide to do a set in honor of Sundays big game. This way if your team didnt make it or you are just not a football fan you can get into our Suberbowl update. Only thing was we couldn't find a Tom brady jersey so we went with Matt Lienhart from the Cardinals.
We played both two hand touch and tackle...

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We started with an easy warm-up of throwing the ball around. So it turned into a full contact game with some licking, feeling, and smooching! Then her sacking me then I unleash on her taken all the way down. Rolling around on the ground covered in leaves. We were playing in front of this office building that we thought was empty because it was the weekend. Turns out after I was done rubbing my lower body right in the middle of this courtyard area, we hear a knock from a window. I guess superbowl sunday came early for one lucky guy lol.
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