Chapter 17
Volume II

In this second part my panties are off and most of the pics are upskirt.  I'm acting rediculously cute in these sets where I'm climbing trees and just being myself.   Lots of cutie photos in my sneakers and pink hat with my boobs sticking out.

I'm the fastest pantytakeroffer in the west!  I played around in the parking lot and climbed the ledge and the tree.  Lia the fashionable jungle princess!  The camera zooms on my private parts and I think you can see some of my wetness starting to come out.  The videographer asked to see my boobs so I flashed them.  I climbed the gate and then did some playing around with the camera videotaping myself in the car showing my private parts.  I'm becoming a bad girl!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.