Chapter 18
Volume II

In this second part I like the pictures even more, especially my smiley shots and my full nudes here.  Lots of pretty feet pics too if you like that!   The rest of them are of my lips and tongue wrapping around the candle.

Don't try this at home! I am on a ledge 20 feet above a tile floor.  Some southwestern artifacts around me.  Im fooling around here trying to be serious, but it never happens that way I guess.  The camera shoots me from below while I flash my breasts and stuff.   Good thing I'm not afraid of heights!  Lots of places to explore up here hehe.  I gave myself a finger and taste sample before I tried giving a candle a sucky, then stuffing it (I'm so tiny, it barely fits!) I'll call it a 'pleasure wand'.  Thanks for joining me on my 'exploration'!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.