Chapter 21
Volume I

The photographer seems to know a lot of guys who own mustangs, or is part of a mustang club.  I didn't know what to expect, but when we went to the house, there was 4 spiffy mustangs there with 4 guys around my age waiting anxiously.  I got nervous again!!  What if I know them? Hehe.  Well I posed in front of a yellow one first, then I moved to a white one.  I had a mini-skirt on without the panties, so when I would flash my private parts I would try to face away from the young guys staring.

This series is hotter than the last one, where two or three of the cars were parked together, with me sandwiched inbetween them.  Some nice car 'advertising' pics in a sense.  Of course, I flashed my boobs and my private parts in the pics too.  My pick: #247 & 256, hot nipple shot.
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