Chapter 24
Volume I

I was so excited to go to Hawaii, its my first time!   I dressed casually though, and I was loaded with bags full of clothes, shoes and other goodies just for this trip.   The pics we took here were when I first got into the hotel, went to my hotel room.  Hey, I'm not wearing any makeup, so don't complain!  But I do get naked though.   I ended up taking a nap, and the photographer took pics of it.

The videographer started right in the morning, it was like 6am and we had to get to the airport early, didn't want to miss the plane!!!  I'm cranky in the morning though. We rode the cab and most of the video is me at the airport and on the plane.  I took a nap or two while on the plane since our flight was about 8 hours total including layover.  The pics we took at the hotelroom are in video here.  I'm soooo excited about this trip.  I want to see it all, and get a tan!  But our bedroom seems to overlook where many people pass by.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.