Chapter 32
Volume I

In the afternoon of the 3rd day of our stay in Maui, I wanted to do something different, but in similar style to my pink dress shoot.  So I put on my hottie red heels and red mini-dress.  I had my hair up too this time, but curly.  We started pics right in front of the hotel, where the walls are white and they have nice abstract paintings.  There was this one big open-ended ballroom we went to, and I did some upskirt (no panties of course!).  I did slip my dress aside to show my breasts too. 

Another day in Paradise!  I'm acting all like a model, making people think this is all a fashion shoot.  But you guys know there's going to me more to this video than walking around!  Good thing security doesnt.  Everyone walking by thinks its some serious shoot hehe.  The tourist walking by had no clue!  I was dorky and happy though, feeling like taking risks, doing butt shots and upskirt stuff.  All of a sudden some dentists come by and started talking about dentistry to the photographer.  All in all a very funny video!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.