Chapter 32
Volume II

Those heels are a chore to walk in over a long time though, but I sacrifice the discomfort for the look!  Well I found a nice chair to sit in, and the background looked good too.  So the photographer snapped away getting a lot of pics upskirt.  Not to forget that I also have a lot of feet pics for those of you who want to see my feet in those pretty heels up close.  On the stairway the angle was perfect for me to squat down for some more good views. 

We walked to the other side of the hotel, where there were less people, and I could squat down and the videographer could get some really nice closeups.  Then I sat on a chair and did those upskirts you guys like so much.  The camera followed me back, and got some more shots while I was squatting on the stairs.  Back in the hotelroom I got to take my shoes off and relax my feet.  Aaaahhh!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.