Chapter 35
Volume II

Time for the panties to go off!  And I lost them in the sand!  I think they got washed away with the waves.  What would you do with them if you found my panties?  hehe.  Anyways, I was standing completely naked at the beach, looking into the sunset.  Verry sexy pics.  I have so many favorites, I won't bother listing them here.   The last part of the photos, I've got my clothes back on, and I'm walking away, acting all dopey when I'm happy and having a good time.  Watch out for the finger!!

As much as sand gets into your private parts, I like sitting and playing in it.   In this video I use sand to massage (!) my breasts.  Looks kind of hot but also it makes my nipples really hard.  You guys who like to suck on my nipples will like this video.  I personally was kind of lost or 'mesmerized' by the sunset.  My boobs have a nice tan on them though.  The sun is in my eyes!  The closeups of my private parts shows how the sand gets inbetween the lips....
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.