Chapter 41
Volume III

I think that the webmaster chose my dopiest pics for my schoolgirl cover page photos on purpose.  Some cute headshots and closeups though.  My pubic hair has grown a bit so there's also closeups of me pulling on them near my private part.  Some really nice nipple stretching pics too.  I got undressed until I only had my bra on with my breasts falling out.  Favorite picture: #144 

I get back home and take my socks and shoes off and I do some foot play and rubbing.  I took my panties off and I did it too quickly and ripped them!  They were one of my favorites and matched my bra.  I sat next to the window, and pulled on my nipples to make them perky.  I got a little more quiet after a while and started rubbing myself just to feel good.  After a while I was really getting into it but really didn't want to completely masturbate on camera today. 
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