Chapter 42
Volume I

I've got a pair of sheer panties that you can see my strip of pubic hair even with my panties on.  I had a cute skirt and top with my brand new sneakers, and we took some nice modeling pics, then I stripped down bare.

A member request was for me to get naked in the car and play with myself there.  But there were construction guys and pool guys walking around the house.  I wanted to do it in private!  Well I calmed myself down with some of the music I like to listen to & dance to.  With persuasion from the photographer I pulled my shirt down and you get waay close views of my nipple.   There was cute pool guy walking by, so I did start fantasizing about him and pulled my pants off to rub my private parts.  Of course I enjoyed myself but there's no way I'm going to orgasm and wet my car, nossir!  Videographers' Note:  Notice how once she starts playing with herself, she starts to calm down.  Sex is the best thing to stop her from jumping around all over the place.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.