Chapter 47
Volume I

We shot these in the garage, where the lighting was better.  Call this my warm-up shoot for the day, where I get back to getting used to posing naked outside.  I like #100, 101, and 116, because I think I look cool in the shades, and 116 just looks sexy.

Another day, another shoot!  I just got in, and I'm putting on my makeup (well just lipstick pretty much).  This is me casual, this is how I dress normally.  I've done my nails on my hands and toes nice.  I'm wearing some sexy platforms that are very comfortable and show of my pretty toes.  So I've curled my hair today... but I know you want to see my breasts, so I pop them out of my shirt.  Out in the garage where we took the pics I act out all sarcastic and the videographer talks me into getting naked to do butt cheek spreads and lick my nipples and etc. etc.... then a telemarketer calls and I answer it naked!
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.