Chapter 51
Volume III

Love these pics!  Pink is the way to go thats for sure.  Cute pink heels (the same ones I 'used' for my masturbation video in Maui) and a brand new pink dress.  This place is supposed to be a popular restaurant, but its closed for renovation, so we took advantage of the location and I posed naked there.  Lots of hot pics and my favorites are #125, 137 and 150.  

The videographer wanted a serious start for this video but I kept cracking up and we repeated it 3 times.  Anyways I'm squatting with my private part sticking out of my cute pink dress and I spread myself.  Always posing outdoors for this stuff.  He made me push my nipple against the white dusty paint so it stayed on my nipple.  I went to a corner and started playing with myself, because the videographer told me to.  But when I get started I get into it as you can see and thats what he was probably aiming for.  I admit it looks sexy from that angle where I'm squatting and fingering, while watching out for anyone who might see me.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.