Chapter 51
Volume IV

I guess this is the cute/slutty girl look for me, where I'm wearing a tight top that makes my nipples stick out, and a very short skirt and no panties, and sexy white heels.   I pose & squat next to a flower tree and some upangle views of my butt.  The sun is setting so we did some nice body shots and closeups of my face where my hazel eyes reaaaallyyy stand out.  So my favorite pics are those four, #126 thru 129.  The feet pics with the white flower and white heels is cute too, it was my idea.

So I get changed from the pink dress to what you see on the coverpage to the left.  Then after flashing my butt I squatted down and continued from where I left off and play with myself.  The videographer was quiet then hehe.  Then he scares me with a shout calling my name like I was caught in the act or something.  I danced around a bit, then went back to the car.  The videographer was in his tricky mood because he gives me the keys but I cant open the door, he makes it an excuse to stick the camera up my butt.  Once I'm in the car I get to play with myself just a little more before we go home and I can really masturbate.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.