Chapter 51
Volume V

We kind of ran out of dresses, so I put on a skirt I wanted to model with matching black heels and a cute bra.  Very cute bra!  In fact I kept it on when I masturbated in the video.  There are some great butt shots while I'm crawling up the stairs, and some pics we took after I had my orgasm and the toy was still stuck in me.  

So today's new toy is this long pink one, I like the color but the shape is weird.  The videographer wanted me to give it a blowjob, but its kind of strangely shaped, not like a penis you know?  Then he finally lets me sit on the couch and play with it.  I pushed it against my private part and got myself into the mood again.  I don't think I'll ever get used to being taped, so the vibrator helps me focus on enjoying what I'm doing so I can orgasm.  After my juices built up I pushed it inside me and let it sit there pushed deep while I rubbed myself with my fingers.  The big solid heads still hurt a bit since I am still small down there.  Stupid cell phone rang & distracted me for a bit but I was back into it right away.  Nice thing about being tight is that the toys never slip out of my private part so I can have my hands free for rubbing.  I orgasmed and it felt smaller than the last one I had but I realized it was because the toy held back the rush of wetness inside.  We paused to take pictures, then the videographer asked me to try pushing the toy out with my muscles.  When I did, my whole private part bursted with juices flying out in all directions!  It freaked me out that's for sure.  I think he knew this was going to happen and was hoping for it.  It was like a dam that burst after the toy fell out.  I was dripping for a long while after that.  I hope it made your day!
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