Chapter 52
Volume V

Well you got to see my play room, bedroom, kitchen and back yard, so now you get to see my living room and stuff.  The first part I'm wearing casual, hot jeans and a white buttoned shirt that I have my nipples pop out.  Its all in black & white. 

This photoshoot I'm wearing something dressy, black heels, nice skirt and sexy tube top that really makes my breasts stand out.  This is the outfit that I wore when me and the lucky member David ended up going out for our dinner date. 

So me and the lucky member David sat on the living room couch and talked a bit while the camera gets between my legs.  I was wearing my classy dressy black which is what he picked for me to wear when we go out for our dinner date tonight.  I didn't know I was supposed to go out with him by myself, but the photographer did tag along in the end.  We hugged and I even used my athletic powers on him and if you want to know what happened at the dinner date then you'll have to email me.  Not like I fooled around with him or anything!  He was a really nice guy, though I couldn't tell if he was in his early 30s or he was over 40.  You be the judge!
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