Chapter 56
Volume I

This is really a nice fashion mismatch, even though a yellow schoolgirl skirt, a black bra and red panties don't really match, the colors seemed to make a very eye-catching style for me.  I mean look at this cover page to the right, it looks hot, doesn't it?  I also wore some really high strappy sandals that made it mismatch more but also make my legs very sexy.  My favorite is the red panties though, I think they look hot on me. 

The FTV assistant Violet was here today to help with the shoot, and so she videotaped me while the photographer took the pics above.  She hadn't seen me since my Maui trip a long while back so she asked me about how the trip was etc...  I also tried to embarrass the photographer mentioning how he got drunk off his butt from just 2 medori sour drinks and acted like a pinball machine in the hotel.  Then inside the house I took my shoes off and gave closeups of the back of my feet.  I've become such a shoe freak I get lost in them.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.