Chapter 56
Volume II

I know I make a lot of strange & funny faces during my shoots, so I thought why not do a photoshoot where I make all the strange faces I can possibly make?  So I got happygirl, strangegirl, sadgirl, mad angry punch girl, monkey girl, hulk hogan girl, mental maniac girl, nose picker girl and so many more hehe.  The cover page pic is lobotomized girl. 

The video has nothing to do with the photo, except that I'm acting dumb again.  So me and Violet did a couple of repeat after me songs.  Back when I was working as a lifeguard I also was a summer camp instructor so I did a lot of campfire songs.  I moved to the music and sang a moose song and then a christian song 'gloria'.  But of course the photographer got impatient and made me take my top off put the camera up my skirt.  I don't like have to get naked everytime??  So then the pizza delivery guy comes in, with me in this outfit and the photographer makes me answer the door.  He tries to embarrass me in front of the delivery guy.
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