Chapter 59
Volume I

Its been a while since I've done a 'garage' shoot, and why it makes it so special is that the lighting in there somehow makes any girl look hot even if the background is plain.  See for yourself!  So I'm wearing a brand new top I bought just for the shoot, it shows off my nipples and areolas, and I can easily pull it down or bend over so you can see down my shirt.  I'm also wearing hot jeans and a pair of matching heels.  Then comes the shovel.... 

Hey this video was taken 3 weeks before these photos so I don't know why its posted here but anyways I came in late and the photographer was giving me the silent treatment.  You know, it takes time for a girl to get all the clothes she wants to use for her shoot and get her hair curled just right.  So I show off the clothes I want to try for my shoots and then strip down naked.  I have to say you know most of my videos aren't staged or planned out, we just do them as we go.  Makes it more interesting that way though, none of it is acting out, just me being myself.
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