Chapter 60
Volume I

I've never done the hot black couch & glass table shoot that many FTV girls have done before, and I think I can be just as sexy.  I think what really caught my eye was the Alexa pics from this set: and her whole photo series from it was hot.  But blondes rule over brunettes, right?  So I hope you think my series are even hotter.  I picked out a bra & panties with sexy new heels just for this shoot.  I also have some really cool upward angles you'll really like.  So chapter 60 is my new favorite photoshoot chapter, yessah! 

Before I got into my hot black outfit, I was still in my clothes from chapter 59.  So from kind of like a voyeur view from the 2nd floor, I get naked as you watch down on me.  Of course the cell phone rings, so I answer it naked and its some girl I don't know by the name of Jessica.  So I act out as if I know her.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.