Chapter 64
Volume I

I've been wanting to wear this summer dress for a while now but we never got the chance to use it for pictures.  Its kind of long but it really wraps around my body nice.  I created a wedgie on my private parts with my panties and let my breasts out.  I couldnt figure out what shoes would go best with the dress so picked out simple white sandals.  Lots of butt shots and foot shots for you guys who like it.

Well its morning... kind of.  I'm lying on the bed acting all asleep.  When I wake up I show off my panties and then pull on my nipple to help wake me up.  I've got my toes and fingernails painted in a new color (pink) and my hair done up all supercurly.  I pulled my panties aside and spread so you can see everything clearly.  I'm very happy and sparky today as you can see.  Its just a good day I guess!
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