Chapter 64
Volume III

Now to the front side of the house, I'm flashing everything while risking getting caught by neighbors.  And one neighbor was walking by when I was posing around, you can see it on picture #122.  My skin is looking good I have a uniform tan everywhere, and no bruises today from running & other sports.  I jumped up & down for some pics and did some butt shot squatting pics too.  My favorite pic is #105.

I'm made to walk the middle of the street and then pull my top down with my breasts hanging out.  I'm much more used to doing it now than before... so then I go inside relaxing on the couch, and the camera gets some very close views of my private parts.  What's more, I am made to discuss politics while squeezing my breasts and drooling on them.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.