Chapter 65
Volume I

The day was partly cloudy, so it was a good one for photos without it being so bright I'd squint or have my eyes closed for half the pics.  I've been working out even harder since summer started, partly for my bikini modeling jobs, but also so I can look even more toned for my website pics.   Bikini modeling will always be my favorite thing to do.  All the pictures are great in this set, but I wish they had used #119 (my favorite) for the coverpage.  Some pics I have my hair up in a mini-ponytail, I hope you like that look?

I put on my red & blue bikini, which is actually my original Arizona Bikini Swim Team outfit, along with the red sarong.  Poolside I played with the water and kicked some around, and the camera zooms between my legs when the bikini bottom slips to the side.  That camera is really strong on the zoom, because it was recording from the other side of the pool, but it looks like the camera is sitting right inbetween my legs.  I made the sarong wet and let it become seethrough and it made my nipples show through, poking out through it.  In the end part I'm jumping up and down making my breasts bounce.
Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.