Chapter 72
Volume II

So the photos get a little more risky, and my panties are completely off, so I'm butt naked one way or another.  Just a little bit of black clothing and black heels to keep it looking like 'fashion!' hehe.  By the way, what do you think of my hair curled today?  I liked how it turned out.  Especially when it wraps around my face, in some of the pictures where I'm sitting down on the steps, there's a real sultry look to it.  Pictures #143-151 are just extremely Hot!  Yes you know they are.  Too bad they couldn't make those the coverpages because they were horizonal images.  There's a few butt ones you'll like too.

The camera was on a tripod while I kept posing for the photographer against the wall.  Then on the steps, the camera was placed below, focusing on my private part.  Since I'm not wearing panties, this is the longest upskirt I've ever done.  Then my panties make a good hat....
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