Chapter 74
Volume I

Sometimes everything works out together to make it that perfect shoot, and this shoot was definitely one of those.  The sun was setting to the west, and the garage had this ambient warm light that made my skin look red-gold, even though I was facing away from the sun.  It highlighted my hair (and it was a good hair day!) and the lingerie I picked out is my new favorite.  Lacy on the front, and black seethrough on the back, makes my butt look sooo sexy!  Along with it, some new purple heels to match the whole thing.  I felt sexy too, and that will always make my pics look better.  Then I drove my (mom's!) car in and posed with it on the hood and inside, butt naked and barefoot. I hope you like my new favorite shoot.  Who said you need video when pictures like these should turn any man and his manhood on?  Ok sorry I'm just very excited about the results of these hehe.

Copyright 2004 RHS Photography, L.L.C.