Chapter 78
Volume I

I would never call myself sultry, but this dress I've been wanting to wear like forever is very sexy sultry-ish.  Its wraps around my curves so nicely, and it has slits on both sides, so it shows my legs & thighs off without having to pull the dress up.  It took a while to find matching heels, but these red ones work pretty nice.  I've got my hair in the Farrah Fawcett style (I think thats how you spell her name).  I'm not wearing any underwear, and its all about me flashing my private parts.  The butt ones will get some attention but my favorites are #104, 126, & 130.

From my regular street clothes, I get naked, and put on this red dress.  Just yesterday, I had a little accident on my butt where the garage door scraped me really bad.  It doesn't show too much on the video it seems.  Then I settle to rub some lotion into my nipples and then do a breast massage.
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