Chapter 85
Volume I

Its another fresh happy day and I came into the house in this outfit (track pants, black top and a cute black hat).   This is a really cute photo series, taken all on the stairway in the house. The lighting was good, I was feeling great, and the pics turned out really nice.  #113, 118 and 152 are my personal favorites.  For butt lovers, there are some really nice pictures here, some in really funky angles.

As you can see from the video of me walking up, there are people working outside, one of them who is this hottie muscle guy who looks straight out of Chippendales.  I demonstrated an imaginary stair stretching exercises (hey, I'm put on the spot to make up some sort of video, its tough hehe).  I take my shoes off and let my breasts hang out, fool around some more, then take my pants off.  Now I'm butt naked, but with my hat still on.  So this video is a good one to check out my legs & private parts, and most importantly, my butt!
Copyright 2005 RHS Photography, L.L.C.