Chapter 86
Volume I

So, here's my white t-shirt outfit, its some tiny buttshorts and a t-shirt that shows off my belly.  I added some sexy heels too just for good measure.  I thought it would be cool to have my hair tied back with a white bandana like you see in this coverpage.  My nipples got really hard with the cold water, and really show through the shirt.  I wonder if I would ever win a wet T-shirt contest.  I'm always too chicken to try it out when I'm in Florida & stuff.  You'll like the pics, it covers all my body parts.  

The water is cold!! It looks like a warm day but the weather is rather cool and the water feels like ice.  So I turned down the water to a trickle, and let it loose on my feet first.  My nipples are standing erect at full attention and yowsa its cold when the water hits my breasts.  Probably worse is when the cold water hits my belly and thighs.  I made my panties wet too, then took everything off, wet & naked, when a nice cold breeze comes by and makes me really freeze hehe. 
Copyright 2005 RHS Photography, L.L.C.