Chapter 86
Volume III

Like these butt shots?  Its got to do with all the oily action on my skin.  My whole body looks glossy like in the cover page picture, like someone painted my skin.  I have my hair tied back to keep the oil off my hair (didn't help though, I ended up having to shampoo it when I got home).  But the gist of it is some really sexy full body nudes, so the complainers who say I do too many fashion shoots can enjoy this chapter 86 series where clothes really didn't exist hehe.

The video starts in a voyeur style kind where I'm checking myself out in the mirror of the guest bathroom, and I'm still oiled up from my last shoot.  When I went into the shower, the water wouldn't wash the oil off, but bead over my skin.  Looks hot, but its almost like armorall car wax which helps protect from the rain hehe.  So basically its a shower scene where I'm desperately trying to rub off the oil with soap, and lathering every part of my body.  Makes good video especially the way it got taped.
Copyright 2005 RHS Photography, L.L.C.