Chapter 88
Volume I

As I talked about in my journal, a big fan of mine sent me several different outfits, one of them being this one, a pink skirt, blouse, and pink heels.  There was a bra and panties to match, but the panties I didn't like so I didn't wear them.  Its about time we did something fancy in a fancy location (since the Hawaii trip).  I love the pictures, and it gets to full nudes where I'm on top of the chair, reaching for the ceiling.  Favorite pics: #106, 109, 115, 122, 141.

Aaah... what better to relax in a fancy resort suite, reading a fine book in a fancy dress next to a fireplace on a cold winters' day?  Some fine music to chill to in the background...  I talked about desert romance and special people, but it almost felt like I was speaking on an episode of mystery theater hehe.  The difference is I'm not wearing any panties, so you see right up my skirt and more.  The shirt comes off after a while, and so does the bra, until I'm totally naked climbing around the suite.  I'm sure you'll have a blast watching me on this video hehe.
Copyright 2005 RHS Photography, L.L.C.