Chapter 92
Volume I

I think we should do sunset shoots more often.  The colors are always rich, and hey, I just look better in them hehe.  Some member asked if they could see me in ripped jeans and a casual style of look, and I've got lots of that.  My nipples start to slip out, and then its butt shots as I roll over and pull my pants off.  Sexy crawlies and pics all with a similar style to when I assisted Amy's shoot on FTV.

I walk to the newly made arbor in front of the FTV house and begin to read my latest playboy magazine.  My breasts pop out and I play with them, and the nerve of some people!  Neighbors across the street had been watching me when I was doing the photo part, and now they're sitting down with a beer in hand and watching the videotaping!  I wonder what their wives would think if they knew they were staring and me baring my boobs.  I pull my pants down (up) and its pretty much a butt view inbetween legs shot from there.  Then I start rubbing myself, until another neighbor comes out from his garage with the perfect view of me masturbating!
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