Chapter 94
Volume I

This place is very near where I went to high school, and I remember all the track & field days when I was a serious contender.  Never thought I'd see myself on an adult site repeating what I did several years ago!  Well anyways, the photos are a mix of sexy posers, flashes, and between the legs shots since the shorts are so small and I'm not wearing any panties underneath.  I like the 'in action' shots.

Oh boy, so after we took the pictures, no actually we did the video first, then the pictures.  (Great, so I can be all sweaty for the photos) I did some stretching, then went for a run around the track.  I do jog a lot, just not in such a skimpy outfit.  My shorts are way too short.  I ran a few times with my breasts popped out, then I climbed some bars, and did a sprint and jump.  My jumps sucked but whatever!  You get to see an athletic Lia, doing her three times a week morning activities.  I just wanted to show off for once, since it seems all the other models of other websites drink and party and nothing else.
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