Chapter 97
Volume I

I've been to Vegas recently, mostly for fun, but also taking a few model-type friends of mine there to help them get some modeling work.  But also whenever I got there, I end up shopping on the strip, and buying a lot of clothes, heels and lingerie especially.  I just got back from one of these trips, and thought the shirt would be shoot worthy, because of how it makes my nipples really stand out!  Its supposed to be a classy thing, but for me it gives that 'full-firm' boobies with nipplitis thing.  There's a funny pic #114 looks like I'm falling through the glass hehe.

The video has me wearing what I used for my photoshoot, but then I try out several other cute outfits that I bought from my trip, mostly shooting clothes, I mean half the time I'm buying clothes I'm thinking about how it would look on my shoots and not in real life or personal life.  You'll like watching me putting them on!
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