Chapter 99
Volume I

With all the lingerie I brought from Vegas, I could probably do a dozen different shoots.  But me and the photographer picked out our favorites, this being the best one.  Well I'll let you decide, but the panty part I had to cut off because it was too big on me.  I guess my butt isn't big enough.   The photos are pretty sexy, you will like, and its done in the bedroom where I did my very first masturbation video.

There's a little birds' nest in the balcony of the house, so I check it out, while you check out my butt when I'm on the ladder, and then the video completely focuses on my butt.  To keep the video flowing I gave my butt a hard cream massage like the FTV girls do but you know, I'm butt conscious and not particularly excited about showing mine off for so long!  So I kind of get sarcastic with the photographer.
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