Alison & Lia

At first, meeting up with Alison was something I wasn't too excited about, maybe I was more excited about the car hehe.  Our lives are so different from each other, even though we work for the same company and shoot with the same photographer, and have sites that are very similar.  This was shot for both of our sites, and a way to promote new members from FTV to our sites.  I had a sexy black dress planned for the shoot, it gives curves to my breasts but maybe it flattens them too much, what do you think?  Alison curled her hair, probably because I had it curled too.  Whatever the case, we both looked hot in this shoot, and the car complimented us together.  This sports car is a lot bigger than I thought, its a real monster in person.

This is the classic video of photoshoot type of fare, but you get two girls instead of one this time!  I think the same stuff is on Alison's site too, or got shared between our sites.  Once again, we are in a public place, on top of some hill overlooking the city.  Its in a very fancy area of Phoenix called Paradise Valley, so us two & the car seemed to fit just fine :)  People driving by (mostly men) would stop and make comments, and a few inadvertently caught us naked.  I think after the 2 hours of hanging out that day we sort of re-bonded like old times.  Maybe I'll give her a phone call one of these days...
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